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Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is an essential part to the upkeep of any building. Blocked gutters can cause thousands of pounds worth of unnecessary damage to your property, ranging from damp in the walls, to extensive brickwork damage. Our gutter cleaning can prevent this from ever happening at a fraction of the cost.

We often don’t require the use of high-rise equipment such as ladders or lifts; we use technology such as the Spacevac that removes every spec of dirt.

The Spacevac allows us to:

• 11 metre reach
• Suck gutters clean using a powerful wet and dry vacuum system
• Carry out projects with no need for expensive high access equipment
• Provide a safe solution for cleaning high buildings, hospitals, offices
• Access restricted areas
• Complete high reach internal vacuuming system for use in retail shopping areas
• Complete projects for both domestic and commercial properties
• Unblocking
• Cleaning with jet wash or high brush

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Patio / Driveway / Decking

Our unique cleaning system is perfect for removing stains, moss or weeds and slippery algae from your patio, driveway and decking surfaces. We use a specialised rotary cleaning system, which is specifically designed to restore hardwearing outdoor surfaces using water alone.

One of the tools we use is the Karcher FRV30, a tried and tested system that will deliver the desired results.

These areas will be restored to their former glory and look brand new.

Karcher FRV30:
• Removes excess water through the vacuum hose
• Improves presentation and hygiene by leaving surfaces dry
• No additional wet and dry vac necessary
• Cleans wall and floors without splashing water
• 10 times higher performance than a standard jet
• Constantly surface cleaning without stripe formation
• Outstanding suction and drain off at min 1.5 m delivery height
• Optimum manoeuvrability
• Sealing or repainting

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Steam Cleaning

Diamond Cleaning are the specialists in providing an on the premises fleet washing service. Other steam cleaning solutions we offer are Pre-MOT Cleaning, Internal trailer cleaning and building cleaning.

We have developed highly effective and efficient methods when cleaning specialist industrial equipment and vehicles. HGV vehicles are subject to yearly checks in the UK and are often in need for the removal of traffic film, grease and soil. We can provide hot water 155’c Pre-MOT steam cleaning in a desired location including post washing clean up leaving your premises in the exact same condition as they started or actually a little cleaner.

When it comes to cleaning large vehicles our mobile units are fitted with on board hot water/steam generators helping us to deliver a fantastic level of service. This removes grease and grime under the chassis of any vehicles.

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